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Interested in a Twitter Chat?

Blog by: Jenna Chaffee

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When I experienced my first Twitter chat, I didn’t know what to expect. The Twitter chat, #SproutChat, simply blew me away. Not only was the topic a learning experience for me, but also there were so many intelligent individuals involved in the Twitter chat. Everyone was extremely nice and personable. I didn’t always answer the questions correctly either, but I was always corrected kindly and I loved that.

This Hootsuite blog shows how Twitter chats are set up and how much work goes into them. First deciding why you’re having a Twitter chat and how it will benefit your organization is a must. Then thinking of little details like a time, day and the Twitter chats hashtag are a few more steps that are taken. Then, after the Twitter chat ends, reflecting, measuring metrics and learning are the greatest steps of them all. Twitter chats are a learning experience and are meant to reveal areas that need to be worked on based off the needs of your audience.

As the person who is always on the other side of the computer, I couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be to run a successful Twitter chat. There is not only a lot of work that goes into running a Twitter chat, but there are also a lot of benefits. Social Media Examiner explains how Twitter chats help businesses connect with their audiences. Twitter chats make it possible to network, connect with new leads, and create community. Most importantly, it allows businesses to track success areas and improve in the areas that are lacking.

I have had personal success too when being involved with Twitter chats. I have been able to share my online portfolio, my blog and I have met several professionals. These professionals are mentors that I can contact for guidance and career advice. So, much like Twitter chats help businesses grow, Twitter chats are also benefiting my future too.


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